To make this beautiful & timeless gift, a good reference photo is important. The animal is being drawn as it is on the picture, but often it is possible to make small adjustments. The background is simplified, so that all attention goes to the portrait. I prefer to receive pictures that only have head, neck and shoulder on it by a portrait.

Do you want a full body portrait? The format you need depends on the size of the animal, cats and small dogs can be drawn on a 30x40 cm. Other bigger animals will be on a 40x50cm format or above. Double head portraits are most suited to 40x60 cm or above but sometimes it is possible to make a double on a 30x40 cm..

Please note that by taking pictures;

* The picture files can be as large as possible, so that I can zoom in on the details, you can send them also with Wetransfer.

* The eyes, nose and mouth and coat texture should be clearly visible.

* Take photos outside, without flash! Natural light gives a nice shine in the eyes.

* Keep in mind the perspective. It works nice as the photo is taken on eye level

* Multiple photos give the possibility to choose the most appropriate picture.

Delivery & Shipping

Would you have the drawing on a particular date? Please be on time with the order. I need the photo(s) as soon as possible. Shipping costs depent on your hometown and country. The work is ofcourse carefully and well protected packed in wooden box.It is also possible to pick it up in Apeldoorn. Delivery costs for the Netherlands are 33 euro for formats up to 50x40 cm.

A pastel drawing on paper should be framed behind glass, therefore it is delivered including frame (mounted). The outside measurements of the mount is one size larger than the drawing itself. I have several types of frames, offwhite and black and chrome-coloured. If you want anti-reflective glass in this frame, there will be extra costs.


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