If you want more information about the different sizes & prices or want to send me photos for a drawing, you are more than welcome to contact me. 

The smallest size is 20x30 cm and the largest size is 70x100 cm. The size of the drawing and the amount of work determines how much the costs are. If you want a detailed background there will be extra costs. The prices are for a single petdrawing, for drawings with several pets, please contact me for prices : Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Price 2021 single petdrawing - I deliver always including a frame, its included in the price:

Drawing  20x30 cm is 230 euro

Drawing  22x30 cm is 235 euro

Drawing  32x32 cm is 250 euro

Drawing  30x40 cm is 295 euro

Drawing  40x40 cm is 335 euro

Drawing  40x50 cm is 355 euro

Drawing  50x50 cm is 395 euro

Drawing  42x60 cm is 495 euro

Larger formats prices on request. 
Before I start I ask a deposit of 30%. I count this for time & material costs. These costs can not be refunded. If you are satisfied with your animal drawing(I send the final version for approval by email) the other 70%  can be paid. All prices are in euro's. I have a Paypall account.






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